Matrix Removable Seating

A totally unique removable seating system, Matrix is quick to assemble, easy to store and extremely space efficient.

The system can be used alone or to complement our retractable or fixed seating - the chairs themselves come from exactly the same range.

Matrix Removable Seating - How It Works

  1. Lateral floorbars are laid out on the floor - there is no need for fixings
  2. Groups of up to four chairs are simply slotted into the floorbars
  3. After use, the system can be quickly disassembled. Groups of chairs are stacked on trolleys or forkliftable stillages, as are the floorbars


  • Fixing-free system meaning fast assembly, no trip points and complete flexibility of placement
  • More space efficient than other solutions for flat floors, such as stacking or banqueting chairs
  • Seats hold rigidly in line with no moving or snaking
  • Wide, safe walkways between seat rows
  • Greatly reduced leg count compared to stacking chairs - significantly speeding up floor cleaning time
  • Compact to store
  • Designed to match Audience Systems' retractable and fixed seating ranges